Yamaha FJX720SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

Have you decided to buy a guitar? That’s great! Which guitar are you going to buy? Ahh… so many choices available to you. Why not think about what kind of music you want to play? Will you use a plectrum or your bare fingers? Will you learn a chord-and-strum style or are you hoping to pull off some flamenco-esque finger picking? All of these factors should have an influence on the guitar you take home. Today I am going to look at the Yamaha FJX720C Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Why don’t you join me and see what you think?

What’s it like?

This guitar has a solid sitka spruce top and mahogany sides with a rosewood fingerboard. It weighs just over 7 pounds and features its own built-in tuner. The electronics are quite basic – just your usual bass, mid and treble, allowing the natural sound of the guitar to be projected electronically in a manner of your choosing.

Who is it for?

Acoustic-Electric guitars are appealing as they can be used in a variety of situations for a variety of musical genres. In acoustic form they are lightweight and have a comfortable design and so therefore are ideal guitars for beginners. While the action is slightly higher than on electric-only guitars, it is easier to switch from an acoustic style to an electric than it is to do it the other way round.

This guitar gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to performing in that you can play without any amplification at all to foment a certain type of atmosphere, while playing through pedals and amps the next, creating a totally different atmosphere.

Is it good?

Many people decide these guitars are their favourites, and it’s not just down to their versatility. Yamaha has a good reputation and makes quality instruments these days – the FJX720C is not exception. It’s sturdy and durable and will last a long time. It’s well made and it has resulted in a nice sounding mid-range acoustic guitar.

Is it bad?

The main drawback of this guitar is that it can’t be what it is not. Even though it can be used as an electric guitar, it doesn’t feel like an electric guitar and it doesn’t really sound like an electric guitar. When this guitar is amplified it sounds like an amplified acoustic guitar really. Even if you try to cover the acoustic sound by using pedals and lots of gain, the action on the fingerboard will still give the game away to the trained ear.


Overall this is a great guitar for so many reasons – it’s easy to transport, easy to take care of, comfortable, lightweight, good quality and has a pleasant, warm sound. All of that without even mentioning the electric mode is enough to allow me to recommend it to you. I’m not alone either – Amazon reviewers currently rate this guitar with 4.7 stars out of a possible 5. Not bad at all! Hopefully this review has helped you think more clearly about what type of guitar might suit you. Take a look at The Instrument Reviewer now to see if one catches your eye!