Which Hair Tools Really Work?

If you want to style your hair, the choice of hair tools is truly staggering. I have friends who have more hair tools than my local salon. But how many of them really are worth buying? How well do they work?Which ones will help me go from frizzy hair to great hair?

Some of these tools are traditional and have been around for years, and some are relatively new onto the hair scene. They all have their benefits so you need to decide what it is you are after before buying. Make sure you do your research first to avoid disappointment.

Hair Dryer.

A hairdryer is an essential hair tool, but there are now so many different types on the market,that it is hard to know which one you should choose.

  • Bonnet hair dryer. Yes, you may have never seen a bonnet hair dryer outside of a professional salon, but you can buy one for your home. Check out this great site http://www.oomphed.com/bonnet-style/ where they don’t just have information about bonnet hair dryers, but guides and reviews on all types of hairdryers. This is your one-stop hair dryer shop!
  • Handheld blow dryer. There are so many factors to consider when buying a hairdryer. The weight is probably the most important when you think of the amount of time you are going to be holding it up. Also, consider the power as this will dictate how long it takes you to dry your hair. Noise is something you should also consider as is the placement of the buttons.
  • Travel blow dryer. When you look for a travel dryer, you are looking for very different features to a normal hand-held dryer. The material has a lot to do with the weight of the dryer as does the power. Choose a dryer that is small, and that folds up even smaller. Dual voltage is a must if you are going to travel abroad.
  • High tech dryer.You can buy some high-tech dryers with LCD touchscreen. They dry the hair well but are expensive.

Hot Air Brush.

This combines a hair dryer and brush in one.

  • Large barrel. This will give volume to your hair.
  • You can get spinning and non-spinning barrels.
  • This is also available in a flat version.

Heated Hair Rollers.

Although this might seem a throw-back to the 70s, this is a modern version of a classic tool.

  • The rollers come is a range of size and materials.
  • Ensure there is a variety of heat settings.
  • Heat time. Hot rollers heat up instantly so no waiting.
  • These are also available as curling shells. This is just the heated clip without the roller.

Straightening Iron.

I have coarse frizzy hair so a straightening iron is an essential. They are also multi-purpose as you can create straight hair, wavy hair or tight curls.

  • Your irons should get very hot but also have an adjustable temperature.
  • Cooler irons. Having said irons should be hot, some irons are lower temperature and used with a styling mist.
  • You can buy flat irons that allow you to add conditioner to a removable cartridge.

Curling Wand.

Another way to curl hair is through using a curling wand or tong.

  • Interchangeable barrels. Different size barrels give different size curls and you can even get a root lifter.
  • Heat setting. Choose a tool that has an adjustable heat setting.
  • Deep waver. This looks like a flat iron, with deep crimps. It looks odd but produces a lovely wavy hairstyle.
  • Large barrel. A large barrel is perfect for loose waves.
  • Long barrel. If you have really long hair, you can buy a curling wand with an extra-long barrel.
  • You can buy gas models which are perfect for travelling.
  • Heat stylus. This is a cross between a curling iron and a hairbrush. It will style straight hair or waves.

Curling Machine.

I have ones of these too and they are great but intimidating. The thought of your hair getting sucked in and not coming out again is pretty scary. It can be quite time-consuming as it can only style a small section of hair.

  • These can get heavy as you spend a lot of time curling.
  • You should be able to adjust the time it takes to create your curl.
  • Alternating spiral. The direction of each spiral should alternate. This helps the curls to stay individual.
  • Some models have a button that releases water to stop your hair getting frizzy.

2 in 1 Wand.

This is a wand that combines a curling iron and a hair straightener.

  • Some models are small enough to use as a travel styler.

Wet to Dry Styler.

These combines drying and styling hair so must be a time saver. They would replace a blow dryer, flat iron and curling wand.

  • Although used on wet hair, the water is vented away so doesn’t damage your hair.
  • Hair can be either straight or curly.

Like most women, I alternate between having curly hair and straight hair. Sometimes I like to pamper myself, sometimes I’m in a hurry. It is hard to choose when there are so many hair styling options available, but choose the one you think you will benefit from the most. And the one you will actually use. A good option may be to select a multi-purpose tool as then you get the best of both worlds.