What Features to Look For in An Instagram Bot?

There are a lot of Instagram bots on the market these days, when I look at the top ranking site Fred Harrington I count at least 10 of them, of which 3 are not advised or shut down. That still leaves us with 7 different bots to choose from so I hope this article will shed some light on what’s important and what’s not.

Auto Like Feature

Why that you might think? Well, when you like other people’s posts you get in their spotlight, and they might return the favor by liking your posts as well, heck the might even follow you, and as a result, you’re expanding your fanbase without the risk of getting flagged for spamming on Instagram. Almost every bot has this feature as its rather essential.

Auto Comment Feature

I’m not too crazy about a feature like that as here we are siding on the spammy side of things. The bots aren’t so advanced that they come up with comments itself, you have to feed the bot a list of prewritten comments and I don’t have to explain how unnatural that can look, or if you opt for things like “Hey, nice post!”, and leave such comments dozens of times its highly likely that someone will flag you for spamming.

Post Scheduling Feature

I obviously love this one, simply because I prefer to give it a personal touch, Facebook has this feature automatically built-in but apparently, that isn’t the case at Instagram so that would be one good reason to purchase an Instagram bot and free yourself of some tedious tasks.

Auto Follow Feature

Don’t overdo this of course. There’s nothing wrong with following a few dozen people a day, though even that’s on the high side. The whole benefit of this feature is that similar to Twitter when you follow people those people get notified and if they like what you’re posting they will probably follow you back. This is definitely the most efficient way to grow your Instagram account into something big.

Unfollow Feature

When you follow people with the expectation they will follow you back a large percentage obviously won’t follow you back. So if you keep doing this for a while you might have followed 1000 people and only 100-200 people are following you back. This doesn’t make you look like an authority at all so in this case, it’s wise to start unfollowing people, and most bots do just that.

Direct Message Feature

Another one I’m not a huge fan of but I understand there’s some need for it for others so it’s always good to have that included though this doesn’t even border on the spam side of things, it is pure spam so use this with caution if you care about your account.

Some Final Words

I hope this article increased your understanding of what those bots actually have to offer. If you’re looking for a comparison bots and have someone point out the top Instagram bot I recommend you head over to Selected Best as they devoted a whole article to that so I felt no need to go over that right here.