Ways to Use Images to Boost Instagram User Engagement

Instagram receives 52 time’s greater engagement than Facebook and nearly 120 times more than Twitter. What these facts mean is that you have an opportunity to market a wide range of products to achieve maximum conversion.

The way you craft your Instagram page is one of the ways to make that great first impression on your audience. Being a visual platform, the first step is to take great photos as well as videos.

The Lighting

You need to bear in mind that no amount of editing and lighting can correct a poorly taken photo. The best way to make use of light is to opt for natural light as compared to artificial light. You can compromise in those cases when you are taking a picture indoors.

You also need to get the right times for taking pictures. If you are planning to take images outside, you need to take shots in the late afternoon and early morning.

Make Use of Your Eyes

Before you can take out the phone and start snapping pictures, you need to take time and look at what is going on around you. You need to use your eyes to have a structure for the photo. Don’t just take out the smartphone and start taking shots.

One of the things you need to take into consideration is the background of the photo. Take some time to understand what is happening in the background of the photo. If there is something that is going on in the background that you wouldn’t want to appear in the image, then you can consider changing the location.

Spend some time to look at the subject, lighting, the surroundings and anything else that is happening before you can start snapping the photos.

Use Technology

Instagram offers free editing and filtering tools. You can also make use of third-party filtering tools that can help improve the suitability of the image. You can use the apps that are built on your smartphone as well, as long as the image you end up with is high quality.

You can use tools that can switch, cut, modify and change the contrast levels. You can add text, shadows, highlights, and shades to make things work well.

Change the Perspective

It is common knowledge that most images on this platform are taken from an aerial or direct angle. You need to give a different angle to the images so that they can stand out. The target is to make the pictures look different. Remember that to have the images shared they need to stand out at all times.

Unique images get a viral following and earn you hundreds, even thousands of organic followers.

Move around the subject with the aim of knowing what other effects you can achieve. The lens of the smartphone usually takes up light slightly differently compared to the lens of traditional cameras. Shifting direction or using a different angle allows you to uncover some fantastic effects and some surprising results as such.

If you take time to observe the different possible perspectives, you stand a chance to enjoy opportunities that weren’t previously possible.

Automate Some More

It is easy to automate your engagements on Instagram because all you need to do is come up with the right pictures and use the scheduling tool. But this is not all there is – you can make the pictures count by using a tool that can offer auto likes to the post. These tools are many, and you can check them out, and pick the right one at Spireusa.com.

In Closing

Make sure you have fun with your images to leave an impact on Instagram. The right images make it possible for you to enjoy a considerable following.