Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter Review

If there has been one piece of technology you have been unable to escape from over the last few years it has been the drone. They have begun to pop up a lot more frequently thanks to a rather drastic drop in prices and them getting much more publicity than they did previously. These things combines have led to a massive surge in the popularity of these clever toys and more and more people are on the lookout for one. This then begs the question of which is the best drone for an individuals needs? Well, that’s where we are here to help. Today we will take a look at the Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter to see what it can do! 

What features does it have?

This is a drone at the higher end of the scale, and as a result it has an awful lot of incredible features. For starters it has waypoint mission planning for up to 128 waypoints, a follow me mode which means that all you have to do is walk to where you want the drone to fly, and real time telemetry monitoring. The features don’t end there though. The Walkera has flight designation and it does this via a mobile phone or tablet, giving you the ultimate level of control over the drone. There is even a failsafe option for the drone to return home if the power fails! It doesn’t matter what size payload (within reason) you want to put on the drone either, as you can change the four motor blade system to an eight blade system with relative ease.

What are its good points? 

The sheer abundance of features the Walkera has really set it apart from all of its rivals. The failsafe to bring itself home is a big plus as it should mean that you’ll never lose the machine, and being able to control it through a touchscreen phone or tablet gives you a very high level of control which you may not get through the more regular controllers. Perhaps the biggest plus of all is the ability the user has to transform this drone from a four motor to an eight so carrying more weight on it is no problem at all!

What are the bad points? 

There have been some incidents of customers having their Walkera drones malfunction and fall when in use, but this certainly seems to be a rare occurrence and is most likely thanks to the odd faulty drone rather than a continual error. Should you want to take a look at other drones then you can do that here at http://www.rotorcopters.com/walkera-scout-x4/ .

What’s the conclusion? 

This is a top end drone and you are paying for what you get. Everything works and it works very well, and the huge list of features should keep you entertained and flying for hours! If you are looking to purchase a drone then there is absolutely no reason as to why you should not start by looking at the Walkera.