Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

You have retired, but not yet tired of life and you wish to seize every opportunity that comes your way to visit exotic locations you always wanted to go. This is a good thing for you considering the fun you will enjoy, but you need to make sure your travels are secured before you jump into your car or board that flight. A few years ago, travel insurance for the elderly was unavailable and expensive, but times have changed and as we speak, you can easily get the coverage you need for your next trip across the border.

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Find the Right Plan That Suits Your Needs

The needs of senior citizens are totally different from the needs of young adults or teens. This is why most senior citizens find it hard to determine the kind of coverage they require for their upcoming trip. However, with a few pointers, you can get the right coverage at the right cost.

There are various aspects to consider when looking for an insurance plan. Start off by deciding whether you need coverage for pre-existing health conditions and possible trip cancellations as well as other benefits that young travelers might not need. You might even find plans that are just tailored for the senior citizen.

Pre-existing Conditions

You must be looking for a plan that will put into consideration pre-existing conditions. However, you might have to pay some more to enjoy the coverage for such a plan. You might find a short-term plan that coves acute onset of a pre-existing condition or a long-term plan that covers the onset and progression to a certain point. The company, in this case, will handle a recurrence of the condition as well.

The policy will handle the onset of a condition if you don’t disregard the recommendations that you have been given by your physician. You also qualify for the coverage if any pre-existing condition has been stabilized for 30 days or more before the travel date.

Why Consider the Policy?

Without this policy, you are staring at a full payment of all your medical expenses during the travel period either due to illness or an accident. The costs might be high in some cases. An illness might not occur due to a preexisting condition, but due to exposure to unfamiliar weather and allergens in the new environment.

An additional cover is provided for trip cancellation and interruptions that might occur due to natural mishaps or bad weather conditions. Other benefits include coverage for stolen or lost baggage, cover for damage to a rented vehicle due to careless driving.


Remember whether traveling within your country of residence or outside the country, you need travel insurance specifically tailored to you as a senior citizen. Make sure it covers any pre-existing conditions and all your unique needs.