Top Bot Features to Look Out For

The use of automation has been with us for so many years now, right from our offices to aviation, and now you can also automate your social media tasks, especially on Instagram.

So, how can you run the automation tool to build your Instagram accounts? Let us look at the various settings that you need to handle to do this the right way.

The Activity Speed

These come in different settings to allow you enjoy a few options that you can set to determine the numbers you receive each day or hour.

For instance, you can choose fast speeds to receive a certain number of likes within the shortest period possible. However, you need to be wary of this feature because the faster you receive likes, the more likely that your account will come under scrutiny.

Media Characteristics

The media characteristics define various aspects of the content that you share. First, you have to choose the source of the media. This source is the one that determines where the bot will work.

For instance, if you select your newsfeed, the bot looks at the content that is trending on your feed and performs the actions on it.

You also need to determine the age of the media that you want to be handled by the tool. When you choose your feed as the source, you also follow the content being placed there, and you interact with the people that post the content, and they also follow you back.

The next media aspect is the age of the data. You decide on how old the data you wish to automate needs to be. If you don’t set a specific age, the bot automates everything that it comes across, including data that is a week old.

Since you want to be the first one on the content in the niche compared to anyone else, you want the bot to prioritize content that is newest.

The Number of Likes and Comments

You also decide what level of engagement you wish to handle. For instance, you want to interact with content that doesn’t have more than 50 posts, because then it is already saturated and you won’t get much from it. Put the minimum filter to be 0 likes because then you are the first on the scene, and not more than 50 likes because then it will be saturated.

The same applies to comments because you want to be the first to comment and you wouldn’t want to interact with material that is already saturated.

Number of Followers

You need to set the minimum number of followers a profile should have and the maximum number before you can take any action. However, don’t put the maximum number so high because the account might be too saturated and your shares might not get the attention they deserve.

What you need to look out for is to find a user that can help your account grow and sharing your content on their newsfeed so that other followers can see and engage with it.

Tag Filter

You want to interact with posts that have a certain minimum number of tags that you have set. You can choose to target a certain location or the whole internet.

Unfollow Cycle

You have to come up with a certain number to unfollow; this is determined by the maximum number that you decide to follow. Many users get rid of the dead weight first, deciding to unfollow the people that don’t follow them.

You can achieve all these with the right tools followers for Instagram, which have been covered extensively on Free Your Spine.

Final Words

When it comes to Instagram marketing, the use of a bot is one way to make your account survive the changing times. However, understand the various features to enjoy what the tool provides.