Tips and Tricks for Spray Painting Upholstery

Spray painting your upholstery is an art in itself, and if you don’t know what to do you end up spoiling the fabric. However, with just a few tips, you can end up with awesome results that will last you ages.

One of the ways to keep your furniture upholstery clean and looking new is to repaint it. All you need is a spray painter and the right type of fabric paint, and sometimes an effort as well.

Let us explore the various tips that will make sure you nail the project the first time – no repeat job!

Be Aware of Fabric Paint

You need to know that this paint becomes a permanent part of the fabric that you are painting. So, if you decide to paint your upholstery, you need to take care not to paint anything else or areas that aren’t meant to be painted.

If you have the tool and you want to begin painting, you need only to paint the designated areas. It is also hard to remove the paint once you apply it on any other surface. So, be aware of wet paint all the time.

Make sure that you clean hands frequently between the paint colors. Cleaning your hands makes sure the paint residue is gone.

Have a Sketch

Before you start painting, you need to have a design that you will follow to the latter. This is true especially if you decide to change the existing design of the upholstery. Perform a sketch on paper, and if you find it attractive, then use a pencil to sketch on the fabric as well. Don’t worry about the sketch marks because you will paint over them.

Lay Out Materials Beforehand

Try and have all materials ready beforehand – sponges, brushes, stencils, stencils and the right paint from a reliable supplier such as The type of color you choose should be compatible with the fabric you have. The color should also match the existing one or choose one that can make the fabric more vibrant.

The choice of colors depends on the existing theme and décor. It is good to change, but if you don’t know how to bring out the best effect, then maintain the existing colors.

Have Enough Space

When it comes to setting up the space to spray paint your furniture of fabric, you need to have an open area so that you prevent the paint from getting onto other items nearby.

Your garage is ideal that is if it gives you a few meters all around. You can remove some items to give you enough space to spray the fabric.

Use the Right Paint

Paint comes in various types, ranging from solvent-based to acrylic based paints. What you need is solvent based paint because it dries fast and gives you best results. Apply the paint in thin layers and make sure each layer dries up before you can apply another one.

This also means that you need to have enough time to leave the paint to dry before you add another layer. Failure to leave the paint to dry results in air bubbles that make the paint to peel off.

Clean Before Washing

The reason to pre-clean the fabric before you paint it is to remove any chemicals that might prevent the paint from sticking to the surface.

Final Words

It takes some time to spray paint your upholstery. You need to have the right tools, supplies and have enough time to paint the fabric. Take time to collect what you need and have enough space to handle the item before you start the project.