Technology Can Be for Work and for Fun

Technology has made its’ way into every aspect of our lives at work, school, and home. Computers and the internet are a necessary part of our world at this point and it is an ever-growing. Technology is an important part of school curriculums, our entertainment, and how we do our jobs. There is a wide range of technologies that are expanding the world in different ways.

Video Games

Video games used to be a way that people had some fun in their free time after school or when they got home from a long day at work. There are also so many different types of video games systems that offer a variety of ways to use them and enjoy them. Video games are an industry that employs, entertains, and connects people all over the world.

Video games are now an industry that employs a large number of people. There are people that work to develop video game systems like Xbox (a division of Microsoft), PlayStation, and personal computers. There is also a totally separate industry for the development of the video games themselves, including video game testers who try out the games before they are put out to the public. These systems also employ people for system maintenance and customer service.

Video games have also stemmed their own sporting industry. E-games is a brand new classification of sports. These are teams of, now, professional video game players. These teams have gained sponsors and travel all over the world to play against other teams in specific games. This is a budding sport that is drawing millions of dollars in sponsorships and competition payouts.

Video game entertainment has also connected all four corners of the globe. A person in American can be playing online against people from Germany in a video game that they love to play. Video games are connecting people in a global way that can be shown as a microcosm for the global industry that video games and its’ culture has become.


Drones were something that were initially created for fun but have since had their uses expanded. Like the video game industry, drones have expanded into a plethora of fields, like people’s jobs. People are now using drones to do their jobs. Photographers, surveyors, and military personnel are now using drones to do their jobs in a better, more precise way. They are being used for mapping and any application that people can think of to make their job easier and more accurate. Drones are getting more sophisticated and more advanced by the day.

Drones also, like video games, have created a sport and entertainment for people. Persnal drones are owned by regular people for fun at home, the beach, or on vacation. Drone races are another application, where the most seriously advanced drones and the most experienced flyers and pitting them against each other. They are racing threw technical courses and it draws fans and sponsors all over the world as well.

Kids are even learning about drones and drone technologies in school. It is not a way to kill time, but it is a way apply new technologies to new ideas. Our children are using about the technologies that they are going to experience in the modern workplace. In order to continue to advance the drone technology, kids will have to learn about their functions and how to build them as early as possible.

Drones are even doing major work for the United States military, and militaries around the world. They are used for things like surveillance and global positioning. They have become a way to keep soldiers out of dangerous situations and they receive important information. Drones have also been able to get into places that our soldiers wouldn’t have been able to and they are able to do it, in many cases, without being detected.


The first smart phone came out in 2007 and 11 years later they have become so much more than a phone. Smart phones have put technology and the internet into the pockets of millions of people. People can handle work emails and communications right from their phones. They are able to check on the status of different projects and employees in a quick and convenient way. Smart phones have even made the existence of home lands all but obsolete.

They have spawned a new industry that brings new programs right to your phone. New apps are created everyday to do so many different things. Some of them are made purely for our fun and distraction, like Candy Crush, others are created to help us with work, like Mile I.Q., and some are made to make out lives more convenient, like Lyft. Apps and app creation is a serious industry that makes people and companies a lot of money.

Technology is an ever-evolving thing that is touching more than just these things. Cars are becoming technologically advanced with built in WIFI, infotainment systems, and apps that can allow you to start your car from your smart phone. They are also developing AI so that within the next few decades cars will drive themselves. There are smart systems that can react to your voice, like Alexa. There are vacuums that clean your house without your help and grocery shopping can be done from the comfort of your bed before you fall asleep. The world will continue to evolve in accordance with the technologies that we use to run it.