Small Business Tips for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms, with experts predicting that come 2019, it will make up more than half the social network use. It is most popular with the young people, being second only to Facebook for users aged between 15 and 24 years.

While it remains that Instagram is arguably one of the most visited and used visual platforms currently, you must know how to use it in order to enjoy the benefits that it offers. We look at the way a small business owner can take charge of the different features the platform offers to make it work.

The Bio Should Be Short and Factual

Your bio ought to tell your followers what you are all about in a short yet catchy manner. Summarize what the business is all about in such a way that you reflect the kind of image you wish to present to your users.

You can include a brief sentence detailing your philosophy, your hashtags and a link to your site. Simple, complete and efficient.

Make Your Username and Photo Count

When you choose a name for your brand, make sure it is unique and reflects what you do. Choose a name that matches what you do. If the name isn’t available, then go for a handle that matches the business name as closely as possible. You can make variations to the name using abbreviations, underscores and more special characters.

Your photo can be a picture of the storefront, your logo, products or a group of employees. The image should reflect your brand.

Use Editing Tools

By this point, you have given a lot of thought to the colour scheme of your brand, which helps determine the look and feel of your Instagram feed. Whatever colour you choose, taking advantage of editing tools helps you come up with images that work cohesively to give you the overall look you desire.

Go After Web Traffic

This is called the 20/80 rule, whereby 20 percent of the posts are aimed at selling your products and 80 percent aimed at delivering high-quality content that doesn’t focus on your products too much, rather on content delivery.

Avoid blatant advertisements and showcasing of products because this can turn away interested followers. Instead, highlight your products in a subtle way.

The 80 percent is the one that drives traffic to your website. This is where you post relevant content, ask questions, evoke emotions, and engage your audiences in a wide variety of ways. This is the hard part of Instagram marketing because it requires you to rake in followers and keep them hooked for days on end. This was the forte of the automation tool Instagress, which, unfortunately, got shut down. You can still automate the process by finding the right alternative from Income Artist.


As a small business, Instagram offers a world of opportunities to use for marketing your business at a low cost, with big results. However, you need to take charge of the features in order to use them to the optimum.