Protective Clothing for Chainsaw Users

There are many activities that we do both at work and at home that require us to wear some form of safety or protective clothing. Using a chainsaw is one of these.

If you are using any type of power tool, you should wear personal protective clothing and equipment which is known as PPE. This is not something you should skimp on, or decide it is too uncomfortable for you to wear. The question you should ask yourself is how important do you consider your safety to be.

Do You Need Protective Clothing?

I should think it is safe to say that a chainsaw is the most potentially dangerous tool an ordinary person can use. If you have ever tried to hire one, you will know how strict the regulations are. You should consider this when you use your own chainsaw.

It is your responsibility when you are using your chainsaw to take all necessary precautions to safeguard yourself and anyone nearby.

Head Protection

It is vital that you protect your head from both your chainsaw and any branches and debris that will be falling. A helmet is, therefore, an important safety requirement. You will probably be surprised at the range of safety helmets there are available. To help with your choice, find a site with guidance on which safety helmet you require. There is a great site that covers all aspects of Chain Cutting including shopping tips, reviews and safety guidance. You will find this a useful site whether you are a professional or looking for safety gear to use at home.

There are so many features that helmets can have, it is important that you do your research thoroughly before you purchase your chosen style.

  • UV protection. When you consider how long you could be stood outside wearing your safety helmet, you realise how much sunlight will be directed at your helmet. If your safety helmet is subjected to a lot of direct sunlight, it will weaken the helmet. You may therefore want to consider buying a helmet with UV protection as your helmet will last longer.
  • Some safety helmets are better suited for wet weather than others. This is because they have a rain shield and neck protector or other features. Again, consider buying a helmet with these features if you think you will be out in the rain frequently.
  • If you work somewhere hot, some helmets have a built in ventilation system.
  • Some helmets have a face visor attached whereas with others you will need to buy this separately. They can be mesh or plastic and the visor may be hinged.
  • Some helmets have hearing protectors attached to the helmet. If not, you will need to buy some ear defence as well.
  • This may not seem an important feature but there are some colours that are more suited to you being seen. Hi-viz orange is one if being visible is a feature that you need.

Face & Eye Protection

There will be a lot of wood, dust and other debris blowing around so it is important you protect your eyes. You should wear protective glasses and a visor.

Ear Protection

Your helmet may have integral ear protection but if not you will need your own ear defence. Some people also wear soft ear defenders inside their ears.


You definitely need gloves when using a chainsaw and they need to be anti-slip gloves. Not only will these protect your hands but also allow you to keep a firm grip on your chainsaw.


Boots are vital to your safety and should protect you from material on the ground as well as something landing on your foot.


There are many styles of chainsaw trousers that cover all the leg or part of the leg. They also can be attached with braces for peace of mind.

Sometimes it is easy to think you are going to do a job that will only take a few minutes so you don’t need all the gear. It is not safe for you to operate a chainsaw without wearing the correct PPE. You could be putting your life at risk. Be aware of the dangers that a chainsaw can pose, and dress and act accordingly.