Portable Ice Maker from Ivation Review


Certain drinks deserve to be drunk in the correct manor. For many, the final piece in the puzzle is the inclusion of ice to give your beverage the desired chill. This is where the portable ice maker from Ivation comes in. Whilst you can compare it against other similar machines at http://www.icemakercubes.com, this review will be looking at the portable ice maker which Ivation have created and all its features to ensure you know all about it!


This machine may be small, but it is packed with features. It was designed to complement its own performance and as a result has 2 selectable cube sizes and a removable tray for easy ice transfer. There is a large, see-through window on the top of the machine which allows for easy monitoring of the ice levels and the chance to see what’s going on inside! There are easy-push buttons which when paired with the inbuilt alerts for low water levels and maximum ice levels being reached should make for a very useful little machine.


The ice maker is made of stainless steel so it will not struggle to look at home in most kitchens. The clear lid on the top of the machine is another aspect of the intuitive design of the ice maker, as it gives you the chance to monitor ice levels as and when you wish to. The whole machine only measures 14 x 13 x 9.5 inches, so it is the perfect size to sit on a countertop. The grey and silver colours are neutral so even when it is not in use, it will still be a nice looking gadget to own.


The machine is compact in size and this means that it can easily be tucked away into a corner when not being used, and when it is it will not take up much room. This ice maker can create ice in just 6 minutes which is very helpful if you are hosting an event! During one 24 hour cycle the ice maker can create 26.5 pound of ice, so this will save you a journey to the local shop to buy it. The design is also worth a mention, as is sleek silver and grey tones mean it is easily adaptable whichever location it is set up.


This machine may be small but it is powerful. Complaints about it are limited from others who have owned the machine, but there are a couple of small issues to address. Firstly, if you do not collect the ice once it has been created it will begin to melt. The machine does not continue to freeze the ice one it is in the tray, so if you don’t remember to remove it and use/store it the ice will melt and be recycled back into the water tank. The second small complaint is that instead of notifying you with a noise when the water tank is empty or the ice bucket is full, this ice maker uses a light to tell you this. It is not the easiest thing to notice, so this means you have to keep a closer eye on it than you may otherwise have wanted to.


The benefits of this ice maker far outweigh the negatives. It is small, powerful and does everything you would need it to. Ivations machine is not perfect, but the flaws it does have are very small. If you are looking for a simple, intuitive ice maker then this could well be the one for you!