Onei Beauty MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Is it time for a change of image? Frizzy hair not for you anymore? Perhaps you get your hair straightened at the salon but can’t replicate the results at home? Or maybe you can, but you don’t have two extra hours every morning to get it just right? Take a moment to check out the Onei Beauty MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron. This could be the styler you’ve been looking for!

Okay, so what’s it all about?

The MK-I Halo is one of a new generation of ceramic tourmaline styler-straighteners which have taken the market by storm. The multiple layers of ceramic heat up quickly and eliminate static electricity and pull while gliding through your hair, leaving it silky and shiny for days. Unlike some other straighteners, the temperature of the MK-I Halo is adjustable from 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

That sounds great, but it is the one for me?

The MK-I Halo’s plates are actually just an inch wide. That means that it is ideally suited to those of us with short hair, or those who like to add curls and waves to their hair instead of just regular straightening. For those who have long hair, you could use the MK-I Halo to get those pretty curls at the tips of your hair, once you’ve straightened the length of it out with a straightener with larger plates.

Why it’s a good buy

The MK-I Halo not only heats up quickly, it also cools down quickly. As soon as you’ve plugged it in and picked up your brush, it’s ready to go. If you happen to leave it plugged in, don’t worry about it – you’re not going to set fire to the house! The MK-I Halo will switch itself off automatically if you leave it unused for half an hour.

It’s easy to use, is very lightweight and – here’s the best part – works incredibly quickly. Users have said that what used to take them hours to do every morning now only takes 20 minutes! How’s an hour and a half longer in bed every day sound to you?

Why it’s not perfect

As I said earlier, if you have long hair, you’re going to find that the 1-inch plate, while quick to use, takes you longer to finish your hair than if you used larger plates. Also, the long cord, which may be useful for those who don’t have plug sockets near there mirror, can actually get in the way a bit.

One thing to really look out for is overheating. A couple of customers have been disappointed to find that the MK-I Halo has burned their hair for one reason or another. Keep your eye on the temperature and switch it off if it feels like it’s overheating.


The Onei Beauty MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron certainly has all the benefits of a modern tourmaline styler and unlike some others on the market, actually allows you to control the temperature. Amazon user currently rate it with 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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