Marketing on Instagram for Businesses

Marketing on social media is, for many, a shot in the dark. This really doesn’t have to be the case. With all of the information available, people should be crushing it on Instagram. If you’re looking to market your business on the Instagram platform, there are simple guidelines to follow and mistakes to avoid. If you’re interested, keep reading.

Article perspective

This article for business owners that already have an Instagram account, but maybe haven’t reached the following they intended. Many people create an account on the platform without a plan and if this is you, it’s fine. There’s always time to improve and small adjustments make all the difference.

Your checklist

Assuming you already have an account, there are boxes that you need to have checked before you can move forward. Instagram, being the visual platform that it is, demands that to be successful and gain traffic you need a theme and quality content. In this context, quality refers to creativity, as well as image and sound quality.

If your videos are grainy or sound is bad, you may come across as unprofessional. As a business owner, surely you don’t want this. If you’re uncomfortable in front of a camera capture the happenings at work. It’s about your business and not you anyway.

With that understood, your goal with content should be consistency in theme and feel. Whatever mood it is that you want to be attached to your business should be conveyed in its online content. Anything less makes your page a mess and Instagram users can go anywhere for that.

Your content should also teach. “Adding to the conversation” gives immense worth to your account. If visitors know they will learn something every time you post they’ll return. This also adds “authority” to you as the owner if the information is given in a vlog or text format.

If your page is teaching, use it to network or give the spotlight to others. If a solar startup account links its followers to an ocean cleanup startup everyone wins. Chances are the other startup will notice and tag you back. Instagram works on a principle of reciprocation. This also comes across as selfless and taking the attention off of yourself can have an opposite effect in the end.

So, if you were following, the checklist goes:

    • Quality images and sound
    • Consistent theme and feel
    • Educate and add to the conversation
    • Make your followers aware of others doing the same

If all of those boxes are checked, it’s impossible not to get noticed. It will simply be a matter of time and patience.

Use your other platforms to cross promote

You should, without a doubt, promote your business on every platform you have. If your business is currently operating on Facebook make your visitors aware. If your business has a blog or youtube be sure to mention where you can be found. Always, make people aware that you exist on their medium of choice. This will make you more accessible.

It’s supposed to be fun

With what you now know, you should be able to craft a plan to dominate on Instagram. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. All you have to do is be patient and remember to have fun. If your product is quality and your content is enjoyable, people will take notice and the attention will come.

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