Lifesmart Easy Large Room Infrared Heater Review

This infrared heater is a little different to the rest. It is designed to look like a normal fireplace mantle, but fortunately the principles behind it are still the same! It will still heat up your home and it should still do that for a fraction of the cost of a normal heater. The heater in question is the Lifesmart Easy Large Room, and in this review we will be taking a look at the positives, negatives and what features it has!

So what does it do?

This heater has been designed to heat a much larger room than some of its rivals. It aims to use its infrared technology to spread the warmth around the room rather than using the normal and wasteful convection methods. There are two heat setting that come with the heater, so whether you are feeling a bit of a chill or you are absolutely freezing it will work for you! The digital thermostat makes for easy reading and accurate temperatures, and the fact that a remote is included is only as bonus as it gives you another excuse to be lazy! The E-Z glide casters which are found on the bottom of the Lifesmart are a God send as they make the sometimes arduous task of moving the heater from room to room that much easier. The final impressive feature on this heater is the quiet scroll fan which will circulate the heat around the room.

Is it quite stylish?

This heaters design is where it really starts to stand out. If you want to take a look at others and compare it you can do so and take a visit to our expert infrared heater reviews site, but for now back to the Lifesmart. It has been designed to look very similar to a normal fireplace and as a result it gets a lot of brownie points for this. It has a realistic and adjustable real fire display and this can be used with or without the heat, so it is quite safe to say that this heater will look at home in your home if you decide to purchase it!

Tell me the positives

The very strong design is perhaps the biggest positive with this heater as it looks smart enough to sit proudly in any room in the house. Having a remote for easy use only adds to the convenience of the machine too, and being able to precisely control the temperature is something you may not be able to do on others.

Tell me the negatives

Apparently the big issue with this heater is the fact that as time goes on it loses more and more of its power. This is obviously less than ideal and could be a big issue in the months after initial use.

What’s the conclusion?

This heater looks a lot nicer than most of the others on the market at this moment in time, but just because something looks pretty doesn’t mean it is nice on the inside. There still seems to be flaws with the internal workings of the machine and until these are ironed out it may be worth waiting.