Jabra Sport Pulse Review – Hands Down, the Best Sporting Earbuds Today

In today’s technologically advanced world, we are spoiled for choices. Not too long ago, we had to make do with what came with our Walkmans or Discmans. Buying a pair of specially-designed earphones that are apt for sport and are gifted with high-quality playback were a luxury reserved only for those with enough disposable income to care.

But nowadays, there’s a multitude of earphones, each one with its own purpose. There’s one for gaming, for sport, for listening…. every situation you can think of.

Well, we’ve come to take a look at one of the finest pieces of technology in earphones today: the Jabra Sport Pulse. Let’s take a look at how good these Bluetooth enabled, in-ear headphones are for sporting purposes.

U.S. Military Grade Construction

Don’t be fooled by its sleek, but minimalist design; these earphones were designed as U.S. Military grade. That being said, these headsets are designed to withstand the most extreme of situations, whether it’s rain, snow, sand, or heat. These are tough, make no mistake about it. If that’s not enough, they are IP 55 certified for dust and water resistance.

Designed for Maximum Style and Comfort

Despite its military-grade construction, it is surprisingly lightweight, stylish, and comfortable. You wouldn’t feel as though you were wearing them, even in the most intense of weight or cardio training. The earpods’ secret in comfort is in the EarGel, meaning that the more you use the headset, the better it adjusts to the dimensions of your ears.

Premium Sound Quality

The sound quality you get from these wireless earphones is what sets it apart from many, if not all of its contenders. You get Dolby High Fidelity quality that distinguishes it from the rest; such that the highs are well-defined, and the bass full and deep. Even when you use them in calls, you will find that the vocal audio quality is as clear as though who you’re speaking to is right in front of you.

The same is true for its omnidirectionally-filtered microphone; this ensures that any environmental noise from your end is silenced. Perfect for when you need to host a call while on the go!

Full On Functionality

The Jabra Sport Pulse has an integrated cardio frequency meter, thus you can always monitor your vitals as you go for intense workouts, or even extreme sports. Furthermore, you can plan your workouts with the application that comes with the headset, which is Jabra Sport Life, available on both iOS and Android systems. The Sport Pulse comes with voice control, superb audio quality and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which guarantees extremely high data transmission rates, so as not to alter the sounds you’re trying to enjoy.

Furthermore, its batteries last for 5 hours in continuous playback, while it can stay up to 240 hours on standby. Lastly, it comes with a carrying case for transport, a USB cord, EarWings, and EarGel. Talk about full-on functionality – the Sport Pulse has it all.

The Only Knocks We Can Think Of

The only weak points we can see in the Jabra Sport Pulse is its price; at a retail price of $159.99, these do cost a pretty penny. But then you’d be hard-pressed to find one that’s better than it in its price range. The last weak point is its relatively short battery life compared to its solid U.S. Military-grade construction – I for one would’ve been more impressed if they can raise the playback time for those long runs or rides.

The Verdict

The Jabra Sport Pulse are the best pair of earphones for anybody who practices any kind of sport; it combines three great features in a compact, stylish, and sleek package. The first is undoubtedly its superior audio quality which is absolutely exceptional, the second is that it allows you to monitor your body, and lastly, to manage your calls so easily. At its price range, not everyone will be able to afford it; but if you are a fitness buff that seeks only the best quality for your workouts, you can hardly do better than this headset.

You can read more about it, as well as its other competitors and its other alternatives, at Dextro Audio where they have a detailed checklist for you.