Ideas for Setting up Your Laser Engraving Business

Laser engraving refers to the process of utilizing a special laser system to cut, engrave, and mark various materials. Laser engraving has almost endless applications, which makes it an especially attractive business idea.

If you have no idea of how laser engraving is done, it’s actually much like using your printer in the office or at home. But rather than use ink, laser engraving equipment will burn a little dot on your material. The really good news about this process is that, in the main, you may use the same graphic applications on your desktop to render the designs and images used by a laser engraving machine.

Ideas for your own laser engraving business

The items and services you’ll sell in your business are only limited by customer demand and your imagination. Here are some of the most common ideas for a laser engraving business.

Laser engraved photos

Laser engraved musical instruments

Trophies and plaques

Glass engraving (e.g. wine bottles or wedding flutes)

Complex woodwork designs for models and dollhouses

Holiday decorations

Parts identification and barcoding

Journal covers and photo album

Anything personalized

What do you need to get started?

Business plan

Storefront (if not running the business from home)

Engraving machine

Computer with design application

Materials to engrave (e.g. frames, flasks, clocks, pens, jewelry, and so on)

Website (if you’re running the business online)

Pros of laser engraving business

You can easily operate from home

You can run the business exclusively online

Demand for engraved products is always high

Cost of materials is relatively low and you can charge good money for quality engraved products

If you’re working from home, you can work whenever you feel like; you don’t need to keep standard business hours

Starting your laser engraving business

Before you go and spend a fortune to acquire your laser engraving equipment, you first need to decide what sort of products you will make. The materials and products you select will help you determine what kind of equipment to buy. To get started well in this business, it might be wise to first focus on a niche item instead of trying to engrave any and all things.

Starting small does not mean you’ll not make good money. In fact, you can find a highly lucrative niche with a little bit of market research. Focusing your efforts on a specific niche will not only assist you to sharpen your skills, it will also assist you to more easily improve and refine your business processes.

Armed with a list of products as well as services, you then need to buy the necessary equipment. You’ll find that there are lots of inexpensive kits on the market. But before you buy the cheapest item you find, be sure to talk to a quailed product representative to help you choose the right equipment for your laser engraving business. This is when your business plan and market analysis will prove useful.

As with the time you’ve used to analyze the market, you also should take the time to evaluate vendors of laser engraving equipment. These machines are going to be central your business’ success, so be sure to go with a vendor that offers quality products along with first-class customer service. Quality counts here, even if you have to pay a bit more.

Growing your business

Okay, your laser engraving business is now up and running and you’ve got a few jobs. What next? Well, you should simply keep doing whatever you’re doing. You can use the same method you used to get your first customers to find extra work. Continue to grow your customer base—the more clients you’ve got, the greater the exposure you’ll get by word of mouth and the higher the chance of getting repeat orders.

If you need more ideas for your products and services, visit the sites of popular equipment makers. They often showcase success stories of customers using their products. The articles there will help you find extra products to offer depending on other people’s success. You should also visit Needham Coding for additional information on laser engraving, laser marking, and laser etching.

All laser engraving jobs are fine. Big industrial projects are better (as long as you have appropriate equipment). As your business grows, work hard to forge long-term relationships with bigger clients who require repeat services and it’ll pay off handsomely for you.