How To Grow Your Brand Authority On Instagram

How could you feel if almost everybody in your industry turned to you for advice and tips on how to succeed? It must be a great feeling,and those who are privileged with such authority are always held in high esteem. However, you should note that attaining such heights takes time, dedication and prove that you know your stuff well. Becoming an authority on Instagram is also the same and may not be as easy as you think. You may have seen people that are always tagged to give their opinions and tips on various issues. The following are awesometips on how to build your authority on Instagram

Create a strategy

You have to come up with a plan on how you will realize your vision. The first step is to determine why you want to use Instagram. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Sales? Traffic? You need to identify your target market. You have to check their feeding habits and the type of content that they like. The content plan is what will guide you on what to post and when to do it. You also need to note how your competitors are performing in this field. The strategy also needs to highlight how you intend to win over your competitors.

Invest in quality content

There are other people with similar goals and want to mark their space as well. You thus have to differentiate yourself and ensure that you always offer the best. Avoid using other people’s content and focus on creating one that moves people. You can borrow a leaf from some of the popular brands in your sector. The content calendar should guide you on what to post and when to do it. Take your time and engage your customers through replies that they bring forward. Invest in a good camera for the videos and photos that you take and edit them before they go live.

Get some help

The online world is tough and competitive, and at times you may require handholding to make a difference. There are many influencers, and those with up to 70k followers have contact communities that can benefit you. Automation tools such as those at can also help you reach the engagement levels that you desire. Look for big brands that you can partner with and support the growth of your brand. You can also look for some mentors in this online journey and learn from the best.