How to Gain More Active Followers on Instagram

Instagram now boasts of 800 million monthly users and a high level of user engagement. And with top brands rushing to the platform to grab a piece of the pie, it seems like you need to get more acquainted with Instagram to grow their business.

Whether you are trying to grow your business account or doing it on behalf of a company, you need to understand a few tactics to help you end up with a bigger, more relevant following on Instagram.

Try Different Kinds of Content

Instagram started originally as a photo-sharing platform, but this has grown beyond just images. It comes with various features such as live video, videos, and Instagram Stories. As a brand, you can now create different types of content to engage your fans and grow your following.

So, why should you post different kinds of content each day? First, the rate of engagement for videos is growing faster compared to the rate of images. Additionally, when you decide to go live on Instagram, your content appears right at the front of the Instagram Stories feed, which means more people see the content than ever before.

Instagram Stories have become more appealing to the audience, and as we speak more than 300 million people use these stories each day. More and more users are using these Stories to talk about something in their business.

Find and Use Quality and Relevant Hashtags

There is a lot that has been said about hashtags, but the use of hashtags has never been emphasized the way it is done on Instagram. The right tags can give your content the visibility you need so that you can get more followers for your account and more engagement on your posts.

Instagram has made this more exciting, allowing you to follow a hashtag as well.

Studies show that Instagram posts that have the right hashtags and a location tag gets the highest level of engagement. With the right hashtag, you can grow your following faster.

Optimize User-generated Content

Sharing user-generated content is the easiest way to grow your Instagram following. Look for relevant user-generated content from all around the web while giving credit to the original creator of the content.

You can come up with a hashtag to try and show user-generated content that relates to your account. Using user-generated content is one of the ways to get to the top of the Instagram news feed.

Create Partnerships

Another great way to extend your Instagram reach is to partner with other people in your niche. If you share an audience or a common goal with another brand and user, then it is crucial that you create a partnership and come up with tips to help you achieve your goals the right way. Take time to understand what brands and users have the same goals as you, and then approach them with an idea of partnering so that you can share your ideas.

Use Expert Services

When it comes to Instagram growth, you need to take time and work with experts that have been in the business for long and know what to do to make your account more visible. This Medium article talks about the various growth services that you can use to make your account on Instagram more visible. Analyze all the services and choose the right one for your needs.

The Conclusion

Growing your Instagram account is one of the best ways to get more followers to it. With the right tips, you can get more users and a higher rate of engagement than ever before. With a high rate of engagement, you stand to attract more followers to your account.