How Electronic Drum Sets Have Changed The Drumming Industry Forever

Over the last one hundred years the acoustic drum set has risen to fame, become the unchallenged king of modern percussion sets, and now it’s time is finally coming to an end. The percussive punch of a drum kit and its staple versatility have not lost popularity or begun to phase out of popular music. Rather, it is changing it’s form. In recording studios all over the world, we’re beginning to see less and less acoustic sets, and the alternative taking its place is the electric drum set. In this article, we’ll discuss why electronic drum sets are revolutionizing the industry, and in case this article makes you want an electronic drum kit yourself, we recommend you check out our partner site Kickstart Your Drumming for any questions that might come during your product research.

What’s the Difference Between Electric and Acoustic Drum Sets?

Electric drum sets were originally designed to mimic acoustic sets. They retain the resemblance, but now they’ve begun to overtake their predecessor en masse. Acoustic drums are typically made from either dried animal hides or, more commonly, synthetic hides, stretched over a metal frame to vibrate and resonate when struck. Although the materials comprising the modern drum have gone through countless innovations and improvements, the essential aspects of it have not changed.

The electronic drum set, by contrast, has radically evolved over the past 50 years. Instead of actually resonating, these kits are equipped with pads programmed to produce synthesized or sampled percussion sounds. At first, these sounds were often limited and had a limited range of volume. Now, thanks to innovations in pressure sensors, synthesizers, and recording technologies, these drums are sensitive to different amounts of pressure in the same way that acoustic sets are, and can produce a much wider collection of sounds.

Electronic Drum Kits Are The Future

Although acoustic sets have reigned supreme for a long time, they’re destined to become secondary to electronic sets, if not completely obsolete. By their very nature, acoustic sets are limited. There is only so much innovation that can occur within the limits created by an acoustic set. Electronic drum sets, by contrast, are absolutely limitless. The hundreds of thousands of synthesizer options, sampling possibilities, and other currently unforeseeable possibilities make electronic sets the choice for musicians who want to create new and interesting sounds.


Electric kits can already do just about everything an acoustic set can do. In fact, one of the strongest arguments for electronic drum sets is their ability to replicate multiple different acoustic sounds in one simple device. If you’re planning on becoming a professional drummer, a single electric drum kit gives you the versatility that, before, was only possible to attain with a full range of different acoustic sets. Not to mention the fact that an electric drum kit folded up in the back seat of your car possesses the same potential as a semi-truck full from floor to ceiling with hundreds of different acoustic drum sets.

Perfect For Recording

Finally, electronic drum sets are ideal for recording. The ability to record efficiently and effectively is quickly becoming one of the necessary skills of any career musician, and drummers are no exception. Capturing the full range of sound from an acoustic set requires a series of microphones and an audio engineer working hard in the booth. Electric drum kits are much better suited to the recording environment, and understanding how to use these electronic instruments is becoming increasingly vital for professional drummers. As the digital age continues to unfold, more artists and producers are searching for drummers who can produce the same electronic sounds on stage as they do in the recording studio, and acoustic sets simply cannot accomplish this.

Even if you’re committed to riding out the final days of the acoustic drum set, a stance which we have the utmost respect for, it would behoove you to at least purchase and practice on an electric set whenever possible. Understanding electronic drum sets, and more importantly how to use them, is a skill in increasingly high demand in the music scene, and you’ll be grateful that you took advantage of this powerful instrument early on. Hopefully, we’ve at least convinced you to try it out, and we wish you all the best on your path towards becoming a truly great drummer!