Garden Radiance GRP4000BK Pyramid Patio Heater Review

Family gatherings are great, especially around the holidays. During some of the holidays later in the year, many areas will receive cooler nights. Colder nights mean that all activities have to be indoors unless there is a source of heat for outdoor activities. With the addition to patio heaters years ago into the market, people have found that they are ideal for outdoor events during the cooler nights and colder months. Powerful patio heaters can heat up to six people in a nearby area, sometimes even up to fifteen feet away from the unit.

Description of the GRP4000BK

This uniquely designed pyramid comes equipped with a fifty inch glass tube for the flame to be seen through that is ceramic. It can pass 34,000 BTUs and has a few different controls to heat up the fifteen foot radius around the unit. The striker, or ignition, is an electronic one and the CSA has approved this unit. It is stainless steel and has a safety feature that allows the unit to shut down upon being knocked over or tilted. It is approximately fifty-eight pounds. The base of this unit measures a perfect square, 19 x 19, while the height reaches approximately 90 inches.

The Positives of the GRP4000BK

Consumers have been raving about the GRP4000BK saying that it is not only a sleek looking heating unit but it is also very entertaining to watch the flames dance within the center cylinder. The warmth that it gives off is enough to heat up four to five people in a small area. It also provides a light to an outside of darkness near its users. The sleek look has users complementing its design and acceptance within their decorations around their patio. Consumers are reporting that this unit is idea for restaurant patios as it’s a great conversation piece and eye catcher for those walking by it.

The Negatives of the GRP4000BK

There have been a few negative reviews regarding the GRP4000BK. These reviews have covered a large number of aspects such as the put together, the build compared to others, and the amount of heat that it produces. Some consumers have noticed that upon arrival, the unit did not have all of the screws parts needed to properly set up the unit. Thankfully they were able to pull it together with spares screws laying around the house. The build quality of this unit seems to be less than expected by certain consumers. However, many consumers have noted that the other units it is being compared to be significantly higher priced.

The Backyard Heating Solution

There are several different styles of patio heaters and backyard fire pits that can be used to produce heat on colder nights. Many of these styles are appealing to consumers and fit nicely with their patio or backyard décor. When it comes to purchasing a great product, the GRP4000BK, or pyramid patio heater, is a great choice as it can be stylish and still produce an elegant amount of light with a bit of heat to keep you warm.