From A Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner to Bicycles: 5 Tools for Life as a Fur Parent

More than just “man’s best friend”, your dog is your family. She’s not just your pet, she’s your baby. For self-styled “fur parents” and their “fur babies”, the relationship can be one full of joy, companionship and kinship.

The bond between a pet and its owner is one that is unbreakable. In fact, many owners want to integrate their furry family members into their daily lives as much as possible. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of 5 handy tools to help re-design your life and home space for a new fur baby.

    1. Bicycle Attachments

Leashes are one thing but what if you’re not much of a runner? There’s a great way for both you and your pet to get plenty of cardio action: bicycles.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a workout without your furry friend so consider using a bicycle attachment to bring him or her along. The first thing you’ll want to think about is the size of your dog, since the bike attachment must fit him or her comfortably.

Next, consider their regular behavior while on a leash: do they pull quite a bit and get excited at little things? Such a canine companion would greatly benefit from a more heavy duty bicycle arm attachment.

    1. Seat Belts

For small dogs or even big dogs that are still puppies, seat belts are just as much lifesavers for them as they are for their human friends.

During a serious collision (or even a minor one), it’s all too common for pets to get tangled in a tether or be poorly held. They are just as much at risk as you are. So consider a seat belt attachment that works to protect your pet. You’ll want to read reviews and look for a product that maintains your dog’s stability under motion. Specifically, you’ll want to limit the movement of the dog’s spin as well as any rotation during sudden jolts.

    1. Pet Hair Vacuums

When it comes to pet hair, not all vacuums are created equally. Having a pet means that some level of hair shedding is inevitable.

Instead of viewing it as a chore, simply embrace this reality and take heart in the fact that, on today’s market, there are plenty of vacuum cleaner options with just the right attachments specifically designed for pets. Some vacuum cleaners, for example, come with an asthma and allergy kit which is an attachment that uses soft brushes to loosen dirt particles before they become airborne.

If you’re wondering if there is a vacuum that will actually groom your pet’s fur coat (rather than the carpet), you’re one step ahead: pet grooming attachments on vacuums are a popular preventative tool to keeping your pet’s coat smooth and your floors clean.

Pick an attachment with around 365 bristles, mounted at an angle, that will flex to reach around your pet’s body and deep into its coat.

    1. Sleeping Bags

Many pet owners love to take their pets on long trips with them. Outdoor cats of the Himalayan or Maine Coon breeds will especially love the chance to travel with you. Dogs in general love to stick their heads out of the window.

So why not bring your pet on your next camping trip? A Seattle-based company run by designer Andy Storms is producing “BarkerBag”, which is a sleeping bag attachment. It started as a Kickstarter-funded insulated sleeping bag that is designed just for pooches to keep warm at night, right beside you, without crowding your tent.

    1. Remote Treat Dispensers

You could get a pet sitter but that’s still no substitute for you. Your pet responds to your face, the sound and tones of your voice and your presence. While on vacation, then, consider adding a pet facetime viewer and remote feeder.

A remote feeder will help your pet feel loved and rewarded, even when you’re away. It can be set on a timer, according to what you’ve programmed before you leave, or you can push a “drop cookie” button from your smartphone.

A facetime viewer, however, will not only help your pet connect with you once more, it will also give you a chance to make sure everything is okay at home. It’s a win-win!