Event Decorations: What Options Do You Have?

With a little creativity, you can turn a seemingly ordinary setting or room into a magnificent venue to host any event. Your choice of event décor depends upon the atmosphere and the mood you wish to set up. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a corporate achievement or a birthday party, the event décor you choose should visually represent a theme to help give it the feel you want.

If your past events have lacked the luster in spite of welcoming the right guests and having all the food and refreshments, you might be lacking the supplies you need to set the mood. A few inexpensive and small enhancements to your setting might bring the event to life and turn the drab meeting into a real celebration.

Have a Theme

Most events have themes such as corporate achievements, anniversary celebrations and more. You will have to choose the décor depending on the theme you choose for the day. What about when your event doesn’t have a theme – create a theme! You can come up with something as simple as a color theme to brighten the room, and subsequently the mood. You can consider colored decorations to come up with the right theme for a un-themed event.

The Linen

Choose the right themed party supplies that will match with the theme. If you are preparing for a valentine dinner in your restaurant, then red linen will do wonders for the day. Take this a step further by using matching cutlery and napkins. Doing this makes sure your guests maintain the idea of the day throughout the event.

For the best experience with linen, go for cotton material so that you enjoy the stylish texture and the highly absorbent characteristic.

Banners and Balloons

No matter the theme of the party, you need to have a few helium filled balloons and a custom-designed banner. These two bring out the full effect of the festive season. You can choose balloons that have words printed on them to communicate what the theme is. The message can be “congratulations”, or “thank you” or any other message you need to print to make the balloons relevant.

You can also print your company logo on the balloons. Arranging the balloons in the right manner is an art in itself, and requires the keen eye of a professional. Use helium balloons, which retain their original shape long into the event. The balloons can also fly high when the time comes to release them to the skies.

Produce the balloons in clusters or bunches so that they can achieve the perfect arrangement. You can tie the bunch using a ribbon to make the effect more powerful.


Bows represent flexible decorations for any event. For weddings, you can use bows for the main event and the reception as well. Use the bows at the end of the aisle on both end and then you can use them at the reception to add to the color. Remember to stick to the theme colors when creating the bows.


Bouquets and flower arrangements offer the perfect decorations. You can order these in almost any color and you can use them to complement banners and balloons as well as bows. You can place these flowers virtually anywhere within the room and you will end up with the effect you want. You can order them in bulk and make the decorations that you like.


You can make the effect more realistic by using props that are ingenuously placed around the event. You can mimic the effect of trees, grass and even waterfalls to complete the theme of the day. Coupled with special event furniture, you can complete the look you need without going overboard.


For corporate events, the setting is usually one of organized items and everything in the right place. Guests will most probably sit around tables that have been placed in the venue. Leaving the table empty makes for a boring setup, what you need is to spice it up with a centerpiece. You can use a bunch of flowers or you can go ahead and opt for a flower vase complete with a bunch of fresh flowers. The centerpiece shouldn’t be too big, but it shouldn’t be too small not to be noticeable. Each centerpiece will be different in its own way therefore choose what is suitable for the day.

In Closing

Every event needs a theme and the right decorations. Choose the decorations to match your theme and to make the event lively.