Essential Checklist To Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

It is the dream of every couple to have a dream wedding, but to some, it never comes to pass. You can decide to work with a wedding planner or do the planning yourself depending on time availability and your budget. The planning bit can be overwhelming even if you choose to work with a professional. The idea of preparing a guest list, choosing the best venue for the wedding and picking the best suppliers may not be that simple. Women are more sensitive to what they wear on this big day, unlike men. The following are some of the things you need in advance for your big wedding


You may have heard of people who had to change their outfits the last minute which may change your moods on this big day. The outfits are a big deal as you want to look your best in something that you are comfortable. You can have the outfits delivered a month earlier so that you can make room for adjustments if need be. Sometimes you can visit the seller physically, but in other cases, you have to do the shopping online, but you have to ensure that the seller has some good reviews.


Having the right jewelry will complement your looks and give you that royalty feeling. Pieces of diamond jewelry are the perfect selection for this event as they are durable and precious. You may require rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces from the same cut to give that consistent look. The best approach is to buy loose diamonds and have a jeweler make the jewelry of your choice. The advantage of this approach is that you can inspect the quality of the diamond to ensure that it is not a rip-off. Loose diamonds come in different shapes, and you can choose one or more, the choice is yours depending on your taste.

Invites cards

You must plan on the number of people you want to invite to your wedding if you want to make it a success. People are somehow busy nowadays which means that you have to alert them early enough if you want them to show up. Make personalized invites as this makes your invites feel appreciated and will show up during the ceremony. You can even have a follow-up email to ensure that the invite was received and confirm attendance on the big day.

Signboards showing where the wedding is

You do not want some of your invitees to get lost during your big day. You may not even have enough ushers to coordinate everything during the ceremony. A good signpost should indicate the owners of the event as there may be other weddings in the neighborhood. The post should also direct people where to park their cars and get everything in order. It is also important to show the direction of the restrooms and the reception if it is in the same place where you exchange your vows. You can have a professional prepare the signboard for you or do it from your home.


Irrespective of the size of your wedding, it is always wise to have a program that will guide people through the event. You may have to liaise with other people when preparing the program of your wedding especially when you want to hold a religious or contemporary wedding. The design of the program card will depend on your taste and budget that you have in your wedding. You can have some few ushers to give the program to people as they arrive. Alternatively, you can place the program cards on the chairs, and the invites will pick them as they settle down.

Gifts basket

People who mean the world to you may come carrying gifts to make your wedding more colorful. It will not hurt if you have a dedicated area where they can drop their gifts and show you some love. The choice of the gift basket will depend on the background of your invites and their number. You should also have some ushers that will take care of the gifts and make sure that everything is safe. Be ready for surprises during this event as people may dish out different gifts for your big day and help you start a new life as a married couple

The above things are very important irrespective of the size and type of wedding that you hold. The good thing with them is that they are not perishable and you can thus keep them for a long time. Ask for referrals and check reviews of the seller that you want to engage as you cannot afford to mess up on your big day. You can even track your packages to ensure that you do not lose them while on transit. Most importantly, make your orders early enough to avoid the last minute rush.