Deaths Due to Medical Negligence: What You Need to Know

Reports show that 40,000 patients die each year due to medical negligence alone. This translates to nearly 100 people dying at the hands of medical malpractices. So sad. Such a report gives many people jitters when they think of going to a hospital for a simple surgical procedure because they don’t know whether they will come out alive or worse off.

The crucial nature of this job requires that the doctor upholds high medical standards to ensure the safety of a patient’s life. Doctors and nurses need to ensure that they provide high-quality care and treatment for people who come to their facilities for treatment. These patients have placed a lot of trust and belief in the medical professional; he shouldn’t let the patient down.

Deaths Due to negligence

Death due to negligence is one of the most painful experiences a family can go through. It results into emotional and mental anguish that can’t be easily handled. Many patients become victims of negligence caused by various issues.

A major cause of death due to negligence arises from the failure to detect an underlying condition. For instance, undetected heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure can lead to death. Instead of the medical specialist detecting these conditions, they diagnose other conditions and focus on treating the secondary diagnosis while the primary diagnosis goes untreated, leading to death.

Another major cause of wrongful deaths is physical abuse seen in care homes or medical organizations. You take your relative to the medical home, and a few days later they are dead. Postmortem results show that they were either given the wrong medicine or were physically abused.

At times, infections that arise after a simple surgical operation lead to deaths. Improper operations can lead to sepsis, which can be fatal. Other medical institutions might delay in referring your patient to the proper facility causing deaths.

Another major cause of death results when a doctor neglects the duties assigned to him or her. Negligence of duties increases the risk of complications during treatment, which can be fatal.

What Next?

As a family member, it is vital that you seek legal help when you suspect death due to negligence. Take some time and evaluate the incidences before the death to make the ultimate decision. You can consult with The Medical Negligence Experts to know if you have a case against the medical facility or not.

Do You Have a Valid Claim?

Knowing whether you have a claim and proving negligence is the toughest part of any medical negligence case. The law provides the capacity for you to sue the errant medical personnel, however, you need to work with the lawyer to show that negligence occurred and you suffered as a result of the negligence.

You have to prove that the doctor did the wrong thing, then go ahead and prove that the death that resulted was as a result of the doctor’s actions. Deciding whether or not this was the case involves some factual and legal issues and might be hard to do if you work with just any lawyer.

Threshold of Compensation

Each statute provides caps on the amount that you can get regarding compensation once you prove that the defendant (medical professional) is liable for what happened. You can claim compensation in various aspects ranging from mental stress to suffering. Talk to your lawyer to find out what the threshold is and what you stand to achieve.

Final Thoughts

The law gives you the capacity to get compensated for the wrongful death of a loved one. As much as you can never replace the gap left by the deceased, you will be at peace knowing justice has been served.