Beauty Sleep: A Guide to the Best Mattresses for Adults

There’s a barrier to getting a good night’s sleep and it’s not smartphones or mobile devices.

Your biggest obstacle to a well-deserved rest may, in fact, be your mattress. Doctors at Duke University teamed up with Research Triangle International to prove exactly this the longest running sleep study.

Of a 128-respondent wide study, tracked over 16,000 consecutive nights of sleep, the results were clear — and revealing. Even small, positive changes in mattress support correlated with not just sleep levels but pain and stress reduction as well.

And we know this — or, at least, we have an intuitive sense of this: a 2011 poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation showed that 92 percent of people relate a good night’s sleep to a comfortable mattress.

So, keeping this in mind, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you, putting together a list of the top twin mattresses and brands for your dream sleep.

You don’t have to be the Princess to feel the Pea. With our fast-paced lives, the bedroom should be a sacred space and your mattress should be designed to deliver you maximum rest and comfort.

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Sleeps

There are may different types of mattresses out there; water beds, air mattresses, futons, innersprings — and more.

We’ve focused on the three most popular in the current market. Inner springs used to be the way to go until companies started to respond to consumers’ need for a more tailor-made sleep.

Memory Foam

This type of mattress has produced the highest level of satisfaction, most consistently, since its introduction — 80 – 82% of customers say they are satisfied with their memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam beds are constructed of a foam material that contours around the body, supporting every curve. It’s heat sensitive, soft surface is made from primarily from polyurethane. When pressure is lifted, the foam perfectly regains its shape.

The idea is that the foam “memorizes” the shape of the sleeper’s body. It also improves circulation, and reduces spinal pressure, besides redistributing body weight equally.

Memory foam is today made out of organic and plant-based materials to compensate for the increasing incidence of skin and airborne allergies. It is also supposed to help the mattress be more eco-friendly during disposal and for repurposing.


Of course, there are sleepers who are not fans of the innerspring and yet don’t find the comfort they’re looking for on a memory foam mattress.

For these sleepers, as well as individuals who are looking for a well-rounded mattress, a latex bed provides an unparalleled experience.

Latex mattresses are chosen for their overall bounce, rapid response time and general comfort. They can come in 100% natural latex, synthetic latex, or a blend of the two, which is very environmentally friendly.

Active sleepers prefer latex mattresses because of the rapid response of the latex material. It holds its shape, regardless of the pressure applied and provides a firm base while these individuals move around.

The secret is latex’s natural elasticity and bounce. Since it is a kind of rubber, this will always be the case with latex mattresses.

Hybrid Mattresses

A hybrid mattress is exactly what it sounds like: it is a combination of a coil-based foundation and a series of memory and/or latex foam for the rest of the layers. For example, a mattress 13” mattress (in terms of thickness) would have 7 inches of pocketed coils, 2 inches of memory foam, 2 inches of copper infused gel foam and a 2 inch topper of quilted foam.

Obviously, those who like the perks of a coil- or spring-based mattress will enjoy the bounce and responsiveness that a traditional mattress used to have. And, yet, the foam continues to provide support and takes the pressure off points in the body, while reducing motion transfer.

And the Winner Is…

There are many sleepers on the market today and quite a few of these are small, lean startups whose young founders are looking to start a mattress revolution. Companies like Casper and Endy hope to reinvent the way we sleep, along with the price point at which we do it at.

Based on our market research, here are the top brands for each of these three mattress types.

Whatever mattress you end up with, just remember the quality of your sleep help your beauty!

Top Memory Foam Mattress Brands

    • Loom & Leaf:
    • Amerisleep AS3
    • Tempur-Pedic
    • Bear Mattress

Best Latex Mattress Brands

    • Zenhaven by Saatva
    • Latex Hybrid by Nest Bedding
    • Pure Green
    • Titan Flex by Brooklyn Bedding

Most Popular Hybrid Mattress Brands

    • The Purple Mattress
    • Wink Beds
    • The Sapira
  • Voila