A Product Revealed – Skil 3317-01 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

If you are in the market for a budget miter saw, but expect great results from every cut, this really is the perfect option.

This model is perfect for a DIY expert, it is user friendly and offers practicality, dependable results and durability.

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Product details 

The Skil compound miter saw offers some features for the most novice of woodworkers. The saw is fixed to the stand in three quick and easy steps, giving you more time to handle the job at hand.

Although this model is aimed at the DIY market, it still has many professional features such as the laser cutline-guide. This makes any cut very easy to follow.

With 9 positive stops for common miter angles, cutting any detailed lumber with a bevelled angle is fast and accurate.

Unlike many competitor models, this saw has a table extension with left and right rails. It will easily handle 2 x 4 lumber or broad panels. A horizontal clamping system holds wood securely to ensure no slippage mid-cut.

The aluminum fence has distance markings, making it very easy to measure any cut you attempt. It also comes with a dust bag to help keep your work area clean and safe.


Manoeuvring this saw is not a problem because it only weighs 25 pounds. Storing the tool is made easy too because it only measures 13.8 inches X 16 inches X 16.5 inches.

The laser outline indicates exactly where the blade needs to be positioned to ensure a fast and clean cut every time.

Although a specific stand is available, you can save money by using the side extensions that are provided with the saw.

While this model is very affordable, it is very well built and is more than powerful enough to undertake most household tasks. It has been tested on hard wood and managed cut through each lumber it was tested against.

The saw is supplied with a 10-inch carbide tooth blade, right and left hand extension rails, an extension table horizontal clamp, a dust bag and a blade wrench.


  • Quick-mount system for quick and easy setup on miter saw stand
  • Laser cutline guide for fast and accurate cuts
  • Table extension with left/right extension rails
  • Horizontal clamping system holds wood securely against fence during cut
  • Left and right lock-off switch for both right and left-handed users


  • The saw brake is not of the highest quality but if used gently, works perfectly
  • Adjustment screws too can be tricky to adjust.
  • Setting measurements for bevel or miter cuts takes practise. 


If you are looking for a good quality miter saw for use around the home, you cannot go wrong with this model. It is a number one seller amongst DIY enthusiasts, and has received some fantastic reviews. This really is the perfect choice for an amateur carpenter.