9 Pro Tips When Buying a Hand Mixer

Any baked good lover will tell you how tiresome and time-consuming it is to mix and fold dough by hand.  Fortunately, you no longer have to deal with this thanks to a hand mixer. When using a hand mixer, you not only get to save time, but you also get a consistent batter than when using your hand. What’s more, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to find a mixer that works for you. There are different mixers you might know that cost less than $100.

If you’re in the market for an effective hand mixer, here are some pro tips that will help you choose the right one.

Find a mixer with different speed settings

Astute bakers have different needs, when preparing dough, you need a slow speed while whisking must be done at high speeds. You’ll find some models with a slow start feature that will start at a slower rate but later build up to higher speed. Choose a mixer with variable speeds that will make it easy for you to transition to achieve a different consistency.

Check the weight and size

When choosing a hand mixer, you need something that you can easily lift for several minutes. For people with limited kitchen space, the size is of importance.  Check to see if your favorite mixer is able to fit your storage space.

Determine how easy it is to clean

Hand mixers without seams on the underside are easy to clean. Check to see if the surface is smooth. Avoid mixers with trapping crevices or cracks as these tend to attract ingredients. Go for a model with a touch pad control as you can wipe it clean after every use.


While a mixer should be durable and sturdy, you should ensure that it’s comfortable enough to hold for a few minutes. Avoid mixers with handles that run parallel to the mixer body. Instead choose one with a handle that slants up towards the front of the mixer. This reduces the strain on your arm. If you use your left hand, a model with a swivel cord makes it easier to use the machine.

The power wattage

Depending on your baking needs, you’ll want a hand mixer that is backed by a strong motor to provide the power needed to mix. While the minimum power should be 175 watts, it’s important to note that high wattage doesn’t necessarily mean that the appliance is powerful. The design pf the beater also plays a key role in its performance.  New design models have two slender beaters that are thin and curved with stainless steel wire, this makes them easy to clean and able to work better.


Price is dependent on a hand mixer’s size and performance. If you’re looking for something functional, yet inexpensive, there are models available for less than $50.  For $60, you can find a hand mixer that has extra features. More expensive models have different speed levels and strong motors.

The attachments available

What are you planning to do with your hand mixer? Knowing the answer to this question will help you determine what type of attachments to look for. Basic beaters only perform simple mixing tasks. If you’re a frequent baker, dough hooks are a must-have. Attachments with long arms ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed and that splattering is prevented. Be sure to check for dishwasher safe attachments as they are easier to clean. Some models have a storage case for the attachments, allowing you to save up on space.

How easy is it to access the controls?

Controls should be easily accessible allowing to change the speed settings as you wish. Models with stiff controls may make it difficult to transition from low to high speed, which could mess your kitchen. Look for a mixture with a pulse function that allows you to get rid of excess mixture from the beaters. Hand mixers with a boost function gives you a quick burst of power especially if you’re dealing with baked items.

Noise level

While mixers are naturally loud, there are some models that ware worse than others. If you’d rather not handle the noise, look for a model that users have cited as quieter than others.

Hand mixers are convenient for any baking enthusiast. The above tips will help you find a mixer that suits your everyday baking needs and one that is easy to clean and store.