15 Ways to Save Space in Your Tiny Kitchen

A tiny kitchen usually has limited space in which to prepare meals, eat and entertain. Although it’s quite easy to flood your countertops with containers, jars and baskets, this can also quickly make your kitchen messy and disorganized.

Learn how to make use of your space smartly thanks to these space-saving tricks for small kitchens. From hidden organizers to vertical storage, these smart tricks and tips will keep your clutter away from the counter and spices in one row in ways you can’t imagine.

Canned food organizer

Be creative when storing your foodstuffs by making the most of the empty space that could be hidden. You can create a sliding shelf and place it between your wall and fridge to hold your canned spices and foods.

Get a pot rack

Whether you hung them from the ceiling or on the wall, investing in pot racks can be a great way to store all kinds of cookware and save lots of space. Check http://www.diyluke.com/ for more information on this hack.

Store items on the back of your kitchen’s door

Hanging stuff on your kitchen’s door doesn’t seem like a good idea, but you should at least store stuff on its backside so they aren’t visible to others. It’s a clever move that you should consider.

Store spices on the sides of the fridge

Using magnets, you can create a spice rack on the sides of your freezer. This is a really innovative hack to create more space in your kitchen, isn’t it?

Use your kitchen walls smartly

One ideal way to maximize the diminishing storage space in your kitchen is to use customized tapered shelves. It’s not only inexpensive, but also adds some color as well as a sophisticated look to your kitchen. If you’re handy you can even store your juicer on one of these shelves so you can make fresh orange juice without paying a fortune.

Use the unutilized corners

Many of us don’t notice the unused corners in our kitchen. Create a custom kitchen by making use of the unused corners to store wine bottles, or items that aren’t used that often.

Create a slide out area for cutting fruits and vegetables

Instead of pulling out the cutting board from your cabinet to cut fruits or vegetables and limiting space, just create a pull-out cutting board.

Plastic bag dispenser

Plastic bags may be used for various purposes, but it’s a headache to store them. You can get a plastic bag dispenser. Alternatively, you also can cut the lower part of a plastic container and fix it on the wall. So, each time you have plastic bags from the supermarket, put them in the dispenser.

Shoe holder storage

This storage trick may sound weird, but it’s an exciting way to store stuff. You don’t have to spend so much to store your snacks, spices, or any other foodstuffs that can fit in the holder. In addition, you can store cutlery, measuring spoons, napkins, water bottles, or small plastic bag boxes. So, just get a new plastic shoe holder and suspend it over your food cupboard door.

DIY wine rack

For an inexpensive wine storage solution, create a DIY wine rack using wood and some bolts. Make a vertical rack to keep your wine bottles neatly arranged, easily visible and out of your way.

Magnetic knife rack

Save some countertop space by creating a magnetic rack for your knives. Then hang it on the kitchen wall. You only need some magnetic strips and a piece of food for this space-saving kitchen hack.

Roll with it

Having a rolling cart in your small kitchen is one the best ways to save space. Wheel out the cart when you need extra counter space and slide it to one side when you do not.

Store seating

If there’s enough space for an island, get it. Not only does an island provide lots of much-needed space, they also provide a space to eat when you do need one. If you’re buying an island, get one with room below to stash stools when they’re not in use.

Rethink design details

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough room for an island, reconsider your counter’s design. Sticking it out a little away from walls considerably increases the available workspace.

Opt for tiny appliances

If you are not cooking for many people regularly, it’s wise to buy pint-sized appliances. A small stove or dishwasher will do just fine.